California Sun Tanning Salon

Address: 670 Peoples Plaza, Newark, DE 19702

Phone: 302-832-5515





Monday - Friday
10 am - 7:30 pm
10 am - 3 pm
11 am - 3 pm

MORE ABOUT California Sun Tanporium:  California Sun Tanning Salon is located at 670 Peoples Plaza in Newark, DE. We opened in January, 2004 and have been tanning the Newark and Glasgow area clients for fifteen years. Our staff is professional, well trained and SmartTan certified. The owners of the salon; Steve and Laure Kurych, are on the premises at all times. Our salon offers 3 levels of tanning with the option to lay down and/or stand up. We also have a new state-of-the-art sunless spray tanning system; VersaSpa. The VersaSpa is voice activated to guide you easily through your session in the privacy of your own room. Remember us when you need your base tan when you travel to warm weather resorts or just to keep your gorgeous tan all year long. Remember, your body needs its dose of Vitamin D to stay healthy and our tanning beds will help you achieve that recommended amount of UV light. We are here for you and all your tanning needs. Feel free to check out On this site you will find a twenty-five minute video which tells the public to embrace sunshine and to use tanning beds to produce natural Vitamin D levels that our bodies are denied of from modern indoor living. Check out our new line of CBD oils and lotions. We carry Green Roads which was voted the #1 CBD Company in the United States in 2019. California sun would like to thank all of our loyal customers.
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